Evergreen 登山滑雪嚮導


Evergreen 登山滑雪團隊由在地資深專業的嚮導組成,具備豐富的經驗與合格的登山滑雪相關證照和知識,由他們帶領您進入白馬的北阿爾卑斯山區,讓您可以安全又開心地享受日本極致鬆雪!

Evergreen 登山滑雪團隊明白壯麗的大自然會帶給人們多麼深刻的美好體驗,這也是為什麼我們帶領人們進入登山滑雪的領域,並且享受這樣的生活!

Life challenging and thus life changing experiences… simply put, this is what we want to share with you.

james robb chilling in the deep


Evergreen Backcountry Guides CEO and Chief Guide, Dave Enright, has over 2 decades of mountain guiding experience beginning in his own backyard, the Coast Mountains of B.C. Canada. A Professional Member of the internationally recognised Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) and qualified guide with the Canadian Ski Guides Association (CSGA), Dave had a pioneering role in avalanche education and safety since his arrival in Japan over 20 years ago.

Dave’s attitude toward safety is founded on years of involvement in the worldwide avalanche community and his own development as a qualified mountain professional.

Under this leadership, we have assembled a team of guides who are highly trained and certified in avalanche risk management, backcountry travel and first aid.

Each one of our Guides brings something unique to the team, but we all share a passion for the mountains and intimate knowledge of Hakuba’s best lines. Operationally, we meet daily to collaborate and discuss snowpack data, weather observations and tour itineraries to make sure you are headed to the best snow in safe conditions every day.

dave enright guide profile 2017Dave Enright – Canada

Owner / Director of Evergreen Outdoor Center and Chief Guide

Husband, father of 2, outdoorsman & environmental enthusiast.

“We should try not to be complacent with the lives we are given and the jobs that we do and if we find ourselves becoming such then it is a time for a change.”


25 years outdoor guiding experience 9 years Ski Patrolling; First Aid and Avalanche Control
Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) Level 3 Avalanche Canada, Avalanche Skills Training Instructor
Canadian Ski Guide Association Level 1 18 years backcountry ski-guiding and avalanche instruction
Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors, CASI Level 2 Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance, CSIA Level 2
Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors CANSI Level I Avalanche Control Team, Founding Member
Outdoor Emergency Care Technician Wilderness Medical Associates, Wilderness First Responder
Red Cross Japan CPR / AED Capilano University, Outdoor Recreation Management Diploma
British Columbia Mountaineering Club, Rock Rescue Canadian Ski Guide Association Glacier Ropes Rescue
Recreational Canoe Association of B.C., Flatwater Instructor Swift Water Rescue Technician
International Rafting Federation Trip Leader Class 4/5 New Zealand Rafting Association (NZRA) Advanced River Rescue
Commission Internationale de Canyoning, Guide Module 3 International Mountain Bike Association, Instructor
Tree Climbing Japan, Basic Tree Climber Hakuba Village, Outdoor Meister

bill glude guide profile 2017Bill Glude – Alaska

Guide/Avalanche Course Instructor/Avalanche & Weather Forecaster

Southeast Alaska Avalanche Center director Bill Glude has been studying snow seriously for over 30 years. His avalanche study began with practical, academic, and field studies under avalanche pioneer Ed LaChapelle at the University of Washington in the late sixties. He has been teaching avalanche courses since 1978, including full-time teaching for the Alaska Avalanche School and the Alaska Mountain Safety Center through the 1980s. With Southeast Alaska Avalanche Center, he has taught over 4,000 students throughout Southeast Alaska and beyond since 1995. He has initiated a number of research projects with his students. He keeps a sharp edge on his skills with consulting projects involving avalanche forecasting, training, and hazard evaluation.

“I’m a bit of a snow nerd.”

20 + years guiding experience American Avalanche Association Instructor
Avalanche Risk and Avalanche Control Consultant Wilderness First Aid & CPR
CAA Avalanche Skills Training 1 & 2 :Instructor International Kite Organization: Level 1 Instructor

james robb guide profile 2017James Robb – Canada
Evergreen General Manager / Senior Guide often seen wandering Hakuba’s streets at night with a turntable under each arm.


15 years guiding experience B.A. in Physical Education and Kinesiology
Canadian Ski Guide Association: Level 1 Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance: Level 2
Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors:  Level 2 Canadian Avalanche Association: Level 1
Commission Internationale de Canyoning (CIC) : Guide Module II IMBA  Mountain Bike Instructor : Level 2 
New Zealand Rafting Association: Advanced River Rescue Interpretive Guides Association Professional Level
Canadian School of Mountaineering Rock and Alpine Courses Rescue 3 International: Swift Water Rescue Technician
Tree Climbing Japan: “Tree Climber” International Rafting Federation (IRF): Trip Leader 3
Advanced Explorer First Aid & CPR (certified by Wilderness Alert Japan) Languages: English, French, Japanese

skiing japan powder with Demelza ClayDemelza Clay – Australia
Mountain Girl & Salt Gypsy

Born and raised in the King Valley at the foothills of Australia’s Snowy Mountains, Demelza was trained and certified as a guide in Canada, where she worked for various Heli and Cat Skiing operations throughout BC. A competent and worldly outdoors woman, Demelza is also a passionate Salt Gypsy who balances her career guiding surf charter boats in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

“Eat my tracks boys”

BappSci. Human Movement Science Canadian Ski Guides Association: Level 1
Canadian Avalanche Association: Level 1 Australian Professional Snowsports Instructors: Level 4
Canadian Ski Coaches Federation: Level 2 Surfing Australia Surf Coach: Level 1
Certificate IV in Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring Polestar Pilates Matwork Instructor

Bumsti RatschillerBumsti Ratschiller – Austria
Ski Guide.

“Bumsti” grew up as a little mountain dwarf in the Austrian alps and learned to ski before he could walk. In his early years while he ski raced, he spent all his spare time in the mountains learning from his Dad who had 30 years mountain rescue experience. Before long, Bumsti was using an avalanche transceiver before he got his first gameboy, and knew about putting people into the rescue recovery position before he could do the chicken dance in kindergarten.

After attending an Austrian skiing high school and studying architecture in college, he joined the mountain infantry in Austria for about 6 years before he started training ski instructors and guiding as a full time job. In these years after the army this little mountain dwarf completed the Austrian Ski Diploma (The ‘Staatlicher’ – full cert trainer/examinator qualification), then had a role in two international freeride movies, competed in various freeride competitions and shared his love/passion for sking from St.Anton, Austria, to Australia and now Japan.

Skiing with Bumsti is an experience in itself… A high energy alpine adventurer who can’t live without mountains and nature for more than two weeks, who simply thinks life without snow would be a mistake!

skiing japan powder with Mitsu KaeriyamaMitsu Kaeriyama – Osaka
Senior Canyoning Guide / Manager, BC Guide & Avalanche Skills Training (AST) Assistant Instructor.

“I love anything where I’m riding sideways.”

8 years guiding experience 15 years snowboard experience – sponsored by C*LOVER surf & sports, PLAY design and Scooter
Japan Avalanche Network (JAN) Avalanche Skills Level I Snowshoe Guide
Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors:  Level 1  Avalanche Skills Training Assistant Instructor (Japanese)
Commission Internationale de Canyoning (CIC) : Guide Module II IMBA  Mountain Bike Instructor : Level 2 
Tree Climbing Japan: “Tree Climber” Rescue 3 International: Swift Water Rescue Technician
Advanced Explorer First Aid & CPR (certified by Wilderness Alert Japan) Junior High & High School Physical Education Teaching Certificate
Languages: Japanese, English

skiing japan powder with RobbieRobbie Chmelyk – Canada 
Backcountry Guide / Off-piste Guide

Robbie hails from the frozen peaks of the Alberta Rockies and has been snowboarding since the sports early days. Robbie spends his free time climbing and guiding from his base near the Canadian Rocky Mountains and will be returning to Hakuba again this winter for more powder adventures. With a true love of alpine ascents, rock climbing and split-board touring, Robbie brings a wealth of experience and shred-ability to the Evergreen team.

“Lets go ride some powder!”

6 years guiding experience Canadian Ski Guide Association Level 1
Canadian Avalanche Association: Operations Level 1 and Active Member Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors : Level 1
Wilderness First Aid & CPR Yamnuska Mountain Adventures: Rock Rescue & Ski Touring Courses
Mountain Skills Academy: Glacier Travel and Rescue Courses Alpine Club of Canada: Member and Alpine Climbing Instructor

skiing japan powder with Antoine GalodeAntoine ‘Jaja’ Galode – France
Snowshoe & Nordic Ski Guide /  Assistant BC & Off Piste Guide / International Schools Manager.

“I love crepes.”

6 years guiding experience Advanced First Aid & CPR (certified by Wilderness Alert Japan)
New Zealand Ski Instructors Association:  Level 1  Canadian Avalanche Skills Training 1 & 2
Commission Internationale de Canyoning (CIC) Guide Module II Canoe/Kayak & Raft Guide
IMBA  Mountain Bike Instructor : Level 2 Tree Climbing Japan: “Tree Climber”
Snowshoe Guide Nordic Ski Guide
Rescue 3 International: Swiftwater Rescue Technician Languages: French, English, Japanese

skiing japan powder with Dave EnrightTaka Matsuzawa – Hakuba
Evergreen’s Tour Office Manager

Born & raised in Hakuba, Taka knows pretty much everything there is to know about the area, the resorts and all the fun outdoor activities in the valley. He’s always happy and ready to assist our clients with their bookings, fielding questions and arranging some awesome adventures for your here in Hakuba.

“Hakuba is where it’s at!”

Wilderness First Aid & CPR Languages: Japanese, English
Hakuba Fire Department : Volunteer Firefighter Avalanche Skills Training 1



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