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Are you looking for a truly authentic Japan snow experience? If so Hakuba, situated deep in the foothills of Nagano’s Northern Japanese Alps, is the place to start. With mountain peaks that rise nearly 3000m towering over the valley, Hakuba is a playground for extreme skiing and adventure that will blow your mind with its incredible terrain and some of the best powder skiing Japan has to offer. Check out our Hakuba Backcountry Tours and Off-Piste Tours to get a taste of what is on offer.

The Northern Japanese Alps, with their marked resemblance to The Alps of Europe, host an abundance of things to do and see. If powder skiing the incredible Hakuba snow is not your thing, join one of our Snowshoe Tours or Cross Country Ski Tours where you will learn about the history and spiritual culture of these majestic mountains from our local guides.

We also run Avalanche Safety Training Courses. The courses are conducted by qualified and experienced instructors with years of experience guiding and instructing right here in the Hakuba Valley.

In the Spotlight

the fourth phase teaser in 4k

Check out our recent collaboration with Travis Rice and the Brain Farm crew!

For 2 amazing seasons Travis Rice, Mark Landvik, Mikkle Bang, Shin Biyajima and the Brainfarm Crew made Hakuba their base for the shooting of The Forth Phase. Evergreen Director and Chief Guide, Dave Enright along with Lead Guide, James Robb guided and provided risk mitigation for the riders and the crew to allow for great location scouting and a 100% safety track record during their shoots in Hakuba… here is a sneak preview of this impressive film, with some glimpses of what you could also find in Hakuba with the support of Evergreen Backcountry Guides.

About Evergreen

With over 20 years experience exploring the Hakuba snow and guiding groups, Evergreen boasts a team of qualified guides who will safely deliver you to some of the steepest, deepest and most exhilarating powder skiing Japan has to offer.

Evergreen has operated year-round since 2000 as Evergreen Outdoor Center, and we are going strong. In 2016 we began using different brand names for our unique operations to help us further specialize and better serve our clients. Evergreen Backcountry Guides is our Winter backcountry, snowshoe, cross country ski and avalanche safety training center, and we look forward to showing you the best Hakuba and the surrounding Nagano mountains have to offer.

Introducing The Guides

  • Dave Enright
  • Bill Glude
  • James Robb
  • Mitsu Kaeriyama
  • Antoine Galode
  • Robbie Chmelyk

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The Hakuba Snow Guru himself - Dave Enright
“We should try not to be complacent with the lives we are given and the jobs that we do and if we find ourselves becoming such then it is a time for a change. That change might be a complete overhaul of our lives, or it might be as easy as a trip into the mountains to rediscover our true self and rethink our life journey.Dave Enright, Director / Chief Guide