Evergreen 登山滑雪嚮導


Evergreen 登山滑雪團隊由在地資深專業的嚮導組成,具備豐富的經驗與合格的登山滑雪相關證照和知識,由他們帶領您進入白馬的北阿爾卑斯山區,讓您可以安全又開心地享受日本極致鬆雪!

Evergreen 登山滑雪團隊明白壯麗的大自然會帶給人們多麼深刻的美好體驗,這也是為什麼我們帶領人們進入登山滑雪的領域,並且享受這樣的生活!

Life challenging and thus life changing experiences… simply put, this is what we want to share with you.

james robb chilling in the deep


Evergreen Backcountry Guides CEO and Chief Guide, Dave Enright, has over 2 decades of mountain guiding experience beginning in his own backyard, the Coast Mountains of B.C. Canada. A Professional Member of the internationally recognised Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) and qualified guide with the Canadian Ski Guides Association (CSGA), Dave had a pioneering role in avalanche education and safety since his arrival in Japan over 20 years ago.

Dave’s attitude toward safety is founded on years of involvement in the worldwide avalanche community and his own development as a qualified mountain professional.

Under this leadership, we have assembled a team of guides who are highly trained and certified in avalanche risk management, backcountry travel and first aid.

Each one of our Guides brings something unique to the team, but we all share a passion for the mountains and intimate knowledge of Hakuba’s best lines. Operationally, we meet daily to collaborate and discuss snowpack data, weather observations and tour itineraries to make sure you are headed to the best snow in safe conditions every day.



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