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Japan Powder Skiing At It’s Best

You’ve seen the Japan powder skiing / off piste / backcountry videos and gotten stoked, and Hakuba gets huge snowfalls, but with the keen local skiers and riders lined up first thing in the morning after a big dump the resorts get tracked out pretty fast, unless you know where to find the “secret stashes”. Join a tour with Evergreen’s experienced guides and smash powder like a local.

Several of Hakuba’s resorts have excellent side-country access where you can get the best taste possible of Hakuba Off Piste. Access the goods with the lift services of the resorts and then ride the excellent “side-country” terrain. Go with the knowledge and expertise of local professional ski & split-board guides into the best steep powder stashes in Japan…right here in Hakuba!

Intro To Freeride – By Evergreen Alpine Academy

Sometimes all you need to do is take a few steps from the ‘well worn path’ to find the terrain that you came to Japan for. But where to start? It can be confusing to understand exactly where you are allowed to go and what to do in Off Piste terrain if something goes wrong. That’s where we come in. We have all the ski resorts in the Hakuba Valley wired, you will be able to challenge yourself on terrain that is accessed by ski lifts, and our Guides will create an itinerary of runs for you that are like a stepping stone for those wanting to adventure beyond the groomers and start making the most of the incredible Japan powder skiing on offer.

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2019-2020 Season

This program is delivered by our team of Evergreen Alpine Academy.
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Private Off Piste

Whether you are visiting Hakuba with family or you have a group of friends in town, book a Private Off Piste Guide for a day or two – you will not regret it. Depending on the ability of your group, we will show you the fun stuff, the secret stashes and the many hidden gems that the valley has to offer. You will be traveling through technical terrain and navigating obstacles like trees, creek beds and variable features, so it’s be to make sure everyone in your group can ride to the standard so you will all get the most out of your day.

We will arrange for your pick up and drop off from your accommodation in town. You will also be supplied with all the safety gear you need.

private off piste tours in hakuba

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